We eat bread everyday. Ours is made for people who like to eat bread with dinner. A strong and crunchy crust with a tender and chewy crumb, we have made the first gluten free and vegan bread that you can scrape the bottom of a skillet with to get all the good bits that stuck to the pan. We use two homemade naturally fermented starters and no yeast. When I lived in Europe I got spoiled (who doesn't) and when I got diagnosed with Celiac disease I thought I could eat what was on the market. I could not. This bread is for those who want a true artisan product to break with friends and lovers. You will be a star when you bring this to a dinner party.

All of our breads are made with certified gluten free and non GMO ingredients.  They contain oat flour, cassava flour, sorghum flour, water, flax meal, salt, canola oil, xanthan gum, coconut aminos and vinegar.


15oz 4 pack of gluten-free and vegan buns. 

Peasant Loaf

Our vegan, gluten free peasant loaf. Perfect for slicing and dipping!

Seeded Buns

14oz 4 pack of gluten-free and vegan millet, poppy, and chia seeded buns.